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Olivia Ferguson is a singer/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Her vocal/piano-based music is inspired by the hymn traditions she grew up with, the sounds of her Scottish/Canadian heritage, and her classical training. Olivia's poetry has been shaped by proximity to the beauty of the Great Lakes, the love and stories of her family and friends, and most of all by her relationship with her Creator and his glorious story.

Olivia holds degrees in vocal music from The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Michigan State University. She is a music and worship leader at her home church, Tabernacle Baptist in Hazel Park, MI, and works as a voice instructor and accompanist in the Detroit area. When she is not writing or singing, Olivia will most likely be found baking, reading, or watching Masterpiece Mystery.


News & Updates

Olivia's first EP, Olivia Ferguson, is scheduled for release March 21st! Preorder on iTunes, Amazon.com, and GooglePlay today! 


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Olivia Ferguson

by Olivia Ferguson
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Olivia Fergusion - ep

It is finally here!

My first EP, Olivia Ferguson, is completed and for sale online.  

You can preorder the EP on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play right now!

I'm so excited, and very grateful to the many people who helped me through this process. Thanks for your support!